There are a few different ways to listen to saxonburgradio.com.  Here they are:

Obviously, you can also listen to us on your personal computer by typing www.saxonburgradio.com into your web browser.  After all, that is what got you this far, right?  

However, if you should ever have problems playing the audio stream from our website, please be sure that you have the latest updated software from WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Quicktime or RealPlayer.  You must make sure that those programs stay updated in order to continue receiving us on your computer.

If you choose to listen to us at work, remember that some companies choose to block websites that stream audio or video.  Ask your boss or IT department to add saxonburgradio.com to the list of 'safe' sites in order to remove this block.



If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone, you can listen to us on that, as well, and listen to us anywhere and everywhere!

Simply go to the 'app store' or 'play store' on your phone.  Type in 'TUNEINRADIO', a free app, and is the preferred free app of saxonburgradio.com, FM 100.3 and AM 1620, as we have found it to offer the most stable connection and superior sound quality.  If you prefer to use another app, you can use any other app that supports 'icecast'.  

You can connect your smart phone to your car easily if it has an MP3 input jack on the front of its radio, by using a cable with dual male 1/8" ends.  Simply plug one end into the headphone jack of your phone and the other into the MP3 jack of the radio.  Turn on the radio and switch it to the MP3 or AUX setting and enjoy!

If your car radio has Bluetooth capability, simply pair your smart phone to the radio.  Consult your vehicle's owner's manual for more specific instructions on how to do this.

If your car radio does not have Bluetooth capability, AND no MP3 input jack, don't worry...you still have options.  You can purchase a wireless mini transmitter like the one you see to the right.  Simply plug it into your smartphone and tune your car's radio to the FM frequency as dictated by the manufacturer. Then crank up the volume and enjoy!



(724) 504-5815

Saxonburg, pa 16056



You can listen to saxonburgradio.com with any standard AM/FM radio in and around Saxonburg and Winfield Township.  We can be heard over the air on AM 1620 and FM 100.3 (same program on both channels), and here's some tips to make your radio experience more enjoyable. 

1. If your radio has an AM antenna, it is usually a loop on the back of the set … make sure it's properly connected to the AM antenna terminals.
2. Often, moving the radio near a window or away from computers, copiers, fluorescent lights, etc will greatly improve the reception. Or, if possible, plug the radio into an outlet that isn't shared with the above devices.
3. Try turning the radio in a perpendicular direction … if your set has an internal antenna, moving the whole radio can really improve your reception.
4. Put us on the first button of your car radio - AM 1620 and FM 100.3- for running those errands around town!